Hafıza Merkezi

aims to uncover the truths concerning past violations of human rights, strengthen the collective memory about those violations, and to support survivors in their pursuit of justice.

International Hrant Dink Foundation

Objectives: To endorse equal opportunities among children/youth and nurturing their creativity; the recognition of cultural diversity as a source of wealth and diversity as a right; the development of cultural relations among peoples of Turkey, Armenia and Europe; to support the democratization process of Turkey; to support the writing of history free of nationalism and racism  

Areas of Work: Human Rights, History, Culture/Art, Turkey-Armenia relations, Education

Methods Employed: Publication of books that further its goals; archive creation; summer school organization; coordination of multi-pronged activities including festivals of film, music, visual arts, dance and literature


Among its projects in the field of arts and culture are an exhibition and publication about Armenian Architects of Istanbul and their contributions to the city, and the Films About Conscience project.

The Adana 1909 Conference and the Cultural Interactions Symposium were organized as part of the Research Project on the Social and Economic History of Eastern Anatolia.

Within the scope of its archiving objective, the writings, photographs and documents about Hrant Dink have been compiled, and archival efforts have been undertaken on the Diran Bakar Archive and the Armenian Foundation Assets.

The Hrant Dink Award: The 2nd Hrant Dink Award of 2010 was presented to the Conscientious Objection Movement of Turkey and the Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon

Media Watch and Hate Speech: A project to monitor hate speech in the media through a periodic scan of 26 newspapers of nationwide circulation

The Dialogue Project of Journalists in Turkey and Armenia


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