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Data controller: In compliance with Turkey’s Personal Data Protection Law (No. 6698), your personal data may be processed by the data controller, Hakikat Adalet ve Hafıza Çalışmaları Derneği (Truth Justice and Memory Studies Association or “Hafıza Merkezi” in short), as described below.

The headquarters of the data controller, Hafıza Merkezi, is located at Ömer Avni Mah., İnönü Cad. No. 14, Akar Palas, Floor 1, Gümüşsuyu, Istanbul. Hafıza Merkezi is under no obligation to record information with the Data Controllers Registry, pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Board decision 2020/315 published in the Official Gazette on May 9, 2020.

Our purpose in processing your data: Your personal data consisting of name, surname and e-mail address will be processed by Hafıza Merkezi for the purposes specified in the Articles of Association and related to your disclosure of your personal data to us, in order to communicate and send e-newsletters, event invitations, printed or other publications prepared by Hafıza Merkezi, in accordance with the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of Law No. 6698. Your personal data, which will be stored for 10 years electronically and/or physically, will be destructed irrecoverably at the end of this period.

To whom and for what purpose the processed personal data may be transferred: Your personal data will be shared only with the Hafıza Merkezi’s Executive Board members and staff in order to achieve the purposes mentioned above. Since the servers of the Hafıza Merkezi website, as well as servers of social media and video sharing platforms we use are located abroad, your personal data may be transferred to servers abroad within the framework of this Privacy Statement and limited to the purposes of carrying out a specific project’s activities, reporting on activities, carrying out business processes, storage and archive purposes.

Method and legal reason for the collection of data collection: Personal data is processed electronically through non-automatic methods for the legal reasons of realizing the purposes specified in this Privacy Notice.

Rights of the Data Subject over personal data as delineated in Personal Data Protection Law: As the Data Subject, if you send an email expressing a request regarding your ownership rights over your personal data to Hafıza Merkezi (, your request will be processed as soon as possible depending on the nature of the request, and within thirty (30) days the latest without any charge. If the request requires an additional cost, Hafıza Merkezi will levy the fee in accordance with the rates determined by the Personal Data Protection Authority.

As the Data Subject whose personal data are processed, your rights defined in Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law are legally guaranteed. These rights include: to learn whether their personal data are processed or not, to demand for information as to if their personal data have been processed, to learn the purpose of the processing of their personal data and whether these personal data are used in compliance with the purpose, to know the third parties to whom his personal data are transferred in country or abroad, to request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any, to request the erasure or destruction of their personal data, to request reporting of the third parties to whom their personal data have been transferred,, to object to the occurrence of a result against the person themselves by analyzing the data processed solely through automated systems, to claim compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of personal data.

For more detailed information, see the Personal Data Processing, Protection and Disposal Policy available on the Hafıza Merkezi website.