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Enforced Disappearances and the Conduct of the Judiciary

Writer: Gökçen Alpkaya, İlkem Altıntaş, Öznur Sevdiren, Emel Ataktürk Sevimli

Editor: Murat Çelikkan, Gamze Hızlı

Original Name: Zorla Kaybetmeler ve Yargının Tutumu

Publication Date: 2013

Publisher: Hafıza Merkezi - Truth Justice Memory Center

Translator: Fethi Keleş


This report aims to examine judicial practices relating to enforced disappearance based on the legal data obtained, analyze the relevant rights violations from the perspective of European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judgments, and contribute to debates about the issue in terms of national and international criminal law, human rights law and the laws of war. The report consists of the following sections:

  • The Conduct of the Judiciary in Enforced Disappearances - Emel Ataktürk Sevimli
  • Enforced Disappearances in International Law - Prof. Gökçen Alpkaya
  • The Recognition of Enforced Disappearance as a Crime Under Domestic Law and the Statute of Limitations: A Problematic of International Criminal Law-Asst. Prof. Öznur Sevdiren
  • Enforced Disappearance Cases from the Perspective of the European Court of Human Rights - İlkem Altıntaş