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Truth Justice Memory Center Activity Report (2021-2022)

Writer: Hakikat Adalet Hafıza Merkezi

Editor: Ece Koçak, Kerem Çiftçoğlu

Publication Date: 2023

Publisher: Hakikat Adalet Hafıza Merkezi

Translator: Peter Klempner


2021 and 2022 have been very difficult for all of us, both in Turkey and around the world. Attacks on human rights, freedoms, and civil society have persisted everywhere throughout the first quarter of the 21st century, with most of the world’s population living under electoral or closed autocracies.

All assessments by international organizations in recent years show that Turkey now falls in the category of “not free” in terms of political rights and civil liberties due to its freedom score and ranked 116th in the rule of law as of 2022. This is the situation individuals and institutions in Turkey have existed under as the country falls further behind every year.

Despite this negative picture, Turkey is home to strong movements, including those of youth, women, LGBTQI+, while civil society and rights advocates in the country resist the narrowing of rights and freedoms as well as policies counter to peace. We continue to fight for peace, rights, and freedoms in solidarity with our colleagues at home and abroad as we learn and draw strength from each other. We sincerely hope that the work we undertake has contributed to this struggle and the effort to build a better future.

In this biannual activity report, we provide details of our activities from the past two years categorized under the following areas: Legal Studies, Memory and Peace Studies, Supporting Human Rights Organizations and Defenders, International Cooperation and Solidarity.