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A Peaceful Search for Truth in Turkey: Confronting Racism

Writer: Nesrin Uçarlar

Original Name: Türkiye’de Barışçıl Bir Hakikat Arayışı ve Irkçılıkla Yüzleşme

Publication Date: 2021

Publisher: Hafıza Merkezi - The Truth Justice and Memory Center

Translator: Sebastian Heuer


This report by Nesrin Uçarlar is the second of a series of publications that focuses on various aspects of building a peaceful political process for the resolution of Kurdish issue in Turkey. Focusing on the peaceful method of truth-seeking, this study analyzes the establishment, functioning, resilience and flexibility of Turkey’s regime of truth. Arguing that it is relevant to consider racism as a main source for this regime, it draws attention to a number of aspects that could prove to be critical for anchoring Turkey’s dealing with the past and peace processes in an anti-racist framework.